At Key Stage 3, Geography aims to give students a greater insight into the world around them. They will study a mixture of human and physical topics across the three years and develop essential geographical skills.

All topics will use relevant and up to date case studies to engage students and help them make connections to local, national and global events. All topics provide a base level of knowledge to allow students to progress onto GCSE Geography at Key Stage 4.

    Year 7

    • Introduction: What is Geography?
    • Geography and Map skills
    • Volcanoes and Earthquakes
    • Energy
    • Tsunamis
    • Weather and climate

    Year 8

    Students begin to investigate geographical topics in more depth in year 8 through a mixture of human and physical topics with a continued focus on geographical skills. Topics include:

    • Africa
    • Ecosystems
    • Rivers and Flooding
    • Global Fashion
    • Antarctica

    Year 9

    Students in Year 9 have opted to study Geography. They will have 3 lessons per week. Topics include:

    • Tourism
    • Extreme Weather
    • Oceans and Plastic Pollution
    • People Everywhere
    • Glaciation

    Year 10 and Year 11: GCSE Geography AQA Specification

    Students will study 3 separate units that together make up the full GSCE course. These will offer students the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of a wide range of geographical themes and concepts. Throughout the course there is a specific emphasis on the application of knowledge to both familiar and unfamiliar contexts. Geographical skills will be assessed across all 3 units and build upon student’s literacy and numeracy skills.

    Unit 1 Living with the Physical Environment

    • Living World: Ecosystems, Tropical rainforests, Desert environment
    • Natural Hazards: Hazards, Tectonic hazards, Weather hazards, Climate change
    • Physical Landscapes: UK physical landscapes, River landscapes, Glacial landscapes

    Unit 2 Challenges in the Human Environment

    • Urban issues + challenges: Urbanisation, Urban growth in LICs/NEEs, Urban Change in the UK, Sustainable urban living
    • Changing economic world: Global variations, Development Gap, Economic development in LICs/NEEs, Economic growth in UK
    • Challenge of resource management: Resource management, Resources in the UK, Water around the world

    Unit 3 Geographical Applications

    • Issue Evaluation (this will be a different theme each year and a pre-release booklet of resources will be available to students approximately 12 weeks before the final exam)
    • Fieldwork based on 2 geographical enquiries. This will include a trip to a river in the Peak District in the summer of year 10 and a visit to Salford Quays in the autumn of year 11.
    • Geographical Skills: students will be expected to demonstrate a range of geographicalskills, including cartographic, graphical, numerical and statistical skills.

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