Governance Structure and Delegation Arrangements

Governance Structure and Delegation Arrangements: From September 2016

 The Education and Leadership Trust is a multi-academy trust (MAT) incorporating three schools driven by co-operative values in the City of Manchester. The schools are Whalley Range 11-18 High School, Levenshulme High School and The East Manchester Academy.

This document sets out the governance structure and delegation arrangements within The Education and Leadership Trust. It includes the size and composition of the MAT Board and of the local governing bodies (LGBs) of all three academies. It also indicates the primary responsibilities retained by the MAT together with those responsibilities delegated by the Trust to each of the LGBs. In addition it sets out the overall role, responsibility and accountability of the Executive Headteacher, together with the roles and responsibilities delegated by the Trust and the Executive Headteacher to each of the Academy Headteachers.

These arrangements have been made with reference to the Co-operative Trust Articles of Association, paras.56-71, where appropriate.

  1. Size and Composition of the MAT Board of Directors

(12 in total showing Directors currently in post):

Chair of Whalley Range LGBMike Chidley (Trust Member)
Chair of Levenshulme LGBEmma Antrobus
Chair of The East Manchester Academy LGBJohn Moran
Executive HeadteacherPatsy Kane
Co-opted Directors (4):Ronan Brindley
Andrew Mullen(Trust Member)
Richard Paver (Trust Member)
Sandra Milne
Staff DirectorVacancy
Staff DirectorVacancy
Parent DirectorVacancy
Parent DirectorVacancy

All of the above appointments will hold office as Directors of the Trust for specific periods of service, and all such appointments are subject to selection and approval by current members of the Trust Board. The parent and staff directors will be drawn from  the Whalley Range, Levenshulme and East Manchester academies.


  1. Size and Composition of the three Local Governing Bodies (up to 12 governors for each LGB):
  • Academy Headteacher (1)
  • Community Members (5/6)
  • Parent Members (2/3)
  • Staff Members (x 2: 1 Teaching, 1Support)
  • Local Authority Member (x 1)

The Trust Board will be responsible for approving the appointment of governors to each academy’s Local Governing Body and retains effective oversight of all LGB matters. Each LGB will be responsible for establishing academy sub-committees for: Curriculum and Standards; Student Support and Well-being; Finance and Resources; and potentially for other academy governance purposes as required. These sub-committees will operate under terms of reference which are approved by the Trust Board and which are consistent across all Education and Leadership Trust academies.


  1. Responsibilities of the MAT Board of Directors

The Education and Leadership MAT Board is responsible for meeting its obligations under the Master Funding Agreement entered into with the Secretary of State for Education, together with the Supplemental Funding Agreements established for each academy. These duties will be overseen principally by the MAT Finance and Audit Committee set up specifically for this purpose. More generally, the MAT Directors are also the trustees responsible for operating the MAT in accordance with all the obligations set out in The Education and Leadership Trust Articles of Association. Thus the Directors of the Trust retain authority and responsibility for the following:

3.1 – Compliance with all statutory regulations and Acts of Parliament governing the operations of the Academies.
3.2 – Preparation, approval and review as appropriate of the terms of reference and operating policies under which each Academy is governed and managed.
3.3 – Compliance with the provisions of the Master Funding Agreement.
3.4 – Determination of the annual funding allocations to each Academy, agreed in consultation with the relevant local governing body.
3.5 – Compliance with DFE/EFA requirements in relation to financial management, accounting and reporting as set out in the Academies’ Financial Handbook and the Funding Agreements.
3.6 – Oversight of banking arrangements and cash flow for the Trust and its Academies, including monitoring overall income and expenditure.
3.7 – Appointment of Responsible Officer(s) for the Trust, who will prepare financial reports for receipt and approval as required.
3.8 – Appointment of External Auditor for the Trust, and receipt and approval of audit plans and reports as required.
3.9 – Approval of the Trust Annual Report and Accounts.
3.10 – Determination of asset management and capital investment planning across the Trust and its Academies, including responsibility for any acquisition or disposal of land and buildings.
3.11 – Determination, in consultation with the LGBs, of the extent of central services provided to the Academies by the Trust, including the appropriate allocation of costs.
3.12 – Employment of all staff in accordance with the Trust’s human resource policies and procedures, including responsibility for their terms and conditions of employment.
3.13 – Ensuring that admissions policies and practices are in accordance with all relevant statutory requirements.
3.14 – Oversight of the educational vision and strategic planning and development of the Trust and its Academies, in consultation with the LGBs, including approval of Academy Development Plans.
3.15 – Oversight and final approval of quality improvement strategies to ensure delivery of the highest possible standards of teaching and learning, and student progress and achievement.
3.16 – Oversight and final approval of strategies to ensure the provision of effective student support and the delivery of high standards of student behaviour, safety and well-being.
3.17 – Arranging the recruitment and appointment of the Academy Headteachers and their Senior Leadership Teams.


  1. Responsibilities delegated to the Local Governing Bodies

Subject to the limitations set out above, the Directors of the Trust delegate responsibility for the operations and activities of each Academy to the respective Local Governing Body. These delegated responsibilities may subsequently be varied at the discretion of the Trust in consultation with the relevant LGB.

LGB members are appointed or elected in accordance with the procedures established by the Trust on the basis of the Articles of Association.

4.1 – Implementation of actions required to comply with statutory regulations and the Funding Agreements.
4.2 – Oversight of the Academy’s operation and activities.
4.3 – Maintenance of proper accounting records and preparation of income and expenditure statements and balance sheets, together with the systematic monitoring of expenditure to ensure compliance with the overall financial plan for the Academy.
4.4 – Compliance with and implementation of all relevant Trust policies and procedures, including the Academy admissions policy.
4.5 – Maintenance of the Academy estate (land and buildings) in line with Trust guidelines.
4.6 – Application of Trust HR policies and practices with regard to the recruitment, appointment, remuneration, conditions of service, appraisal, discipline and dismissal of all Academy staff, excluding the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.
4.7 – Oversight and approval of the Academy Development Plan in line with the educational vision of the Trust; including:
4.8 – Oversight and approval of whole Academy strategies designed to ensure delivery of the highest possible standards of teaching and learning, and student progress and achievement; and:
4.9 – Oversight and approval of whole Academy strategies to ensure the provision of effective student support and the delivery of high standards of student behaviour, safety and well-being.
4.10 – Establishment of LGB sub-committees in line with Trust guidelines to facilitate the effective management of the Academy (see Section 2 above).
4.11 – Establishment and maintenance of systematic reporting procedures from the LGB to the Trust in accordance with guidelines set down by the Trust.


  1. The role and responsibility of the Executive Headteacher

The Executive Headteacher has responsibility for leading the Trust’s professional team and for making a substantial contribution to the strategic development of the Trust. He/she is accountable to the Directors of the Trust for the overall performance of each Academy; thus each Academy Headteacher will report directly to the Executive Headteacher with regard to the direction and operation of their particular institution. The Executive Headteacher’s role therefore involves direct oversight of the performance of the Academy Headteachers as they carry out their duties as set out in section 6 below.

The Executive Headteacher is also responsible for providing professional advice to the Trust Directors and any relevant committee (including the LGBs) about all matters of professional interest and concern that will contribute to the successful development and operation of the Trust and its Academies.

The Executive Headteacher will in addition be responsible for:

5.1 – Ensuring that the strategic direction and future development of the Trust academies is consistent with and supportive of the vision and values of the Education and Leadership Trust Board.
5.2 – Ensuring that Trust Directors are systematically provided with sufficient and timely information to enable them fully and effectively to discharge their responsibilities for monitoring and guiding the work of the Trust.
5.3 – Identifying, introducing and overseeing significant educational innovations designed to drive forward the positive development and continual improvement of the Trust academies.
5.4 – Ensuring that comprehensive and effective quality assurance systems deliver the highest possible standards of teaching and learning, student safety and well-being, and student progress and achievement in all Trust academies.
5.5 –Overseeing the appointment of Academy Headteachers (AHTs) and School Leadership Teams, in collaboration with Trust directors and, where appropriate, AHTs currently in post.
5.6 – Acting as Accounting Officer for the Education and Leadership Trust.


  1. The roles and responsibilities of Academy Headteachers

Each Academy Headteacher will report directly to the Executive Headteacher in relation to the direction and operation of their Academy, while also retaining a substantial degree of autonomy and flexibility in carrying out their delegated responsibilities. He/she will be responsible to the Local Governing Body for the following matters:

6.1 – The leadership and management of the Academy.
6.2 – Implementing the agreed policies and procedures set down by the Governing Body and the Trust, including the implementation of all statutory regulations.
6.3 – Appointing all Academy staff (with the exception of the Senior Leadership Team) and determining their salary grading, allocation of duties, and appraisal and discipline procedures, in line with Trust policies and practices.
6.4 – Arranging for the admission of students in accordance with Trust policies and relevant statutory requirements.
6.5 – Managing the delegated budgets and resources as agreed with the Trust and the LGB.
6.6 – Ensuring that all aspects of current best practice in relation to matters of health and safety are properly implemented and consistently adhered to across the relevant Academy.
6.7 – Advising the Governing Body on strategic direction, forward planning and quality assurance, including the devising, implementation and monitoring of the Academy Development Plan; including:
6.8 – Ensuring the delivery of an appropriate Academy curriculum, together with the development and implementation of effective measures to secure the highest possible standards of teaching and learning, and student progress and achievement; and:
6.9 – Ensuring the development and implementation of measures to secure effective support for students together with the delivery of high standards of student behaviour, safety and well-being.
6.10 – All such additional functions as may be assigned under the job description or contract of employment.

These arrangements are subject to review and possible revision by the Trust Board in the light of subsequent developments in the remit or operations of the Multi-Academy Trust.


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