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As part of our school’s CEIAG provision, Health Education North West (HENW) and The University of Manchester Widening Participation Programme delivered the NHS Health care workshops in school on Friday 12th May 2017.

A small cohort of Y9s including the career leaders along with students from Parrswood High School  participated in the workshops. Doctors, medical students and nurses delivered two workshops on Nursing and Medicine and the students got involved in different hands on activities.

At the end students were given the opportunity to participate in Q&A session with the professionals. The students really enjoyed the activities and found the event very helpful and useful.

Career leader Alexis’s feedback of the event:

On Friday 12th may, I was chosen to take part in a NHS Workshop in the hall. I really enjoyed the workshop because it was very informative and interesting. There were  lots of practical activities available led by the NHS professionals.

During the activities I learnt how to revive someone, using CPR in case of an emergency. I also learnt how to take someone blood pressure and what the numbers should vary from, based on people’s age. A doctor in training also taught me what each organ is used for and where each bone is and why it is important.

The visitors who work within the health care careers were able to tell us how they got to where they are today and why they enjoy their jobs. We all received folders and bags, full of information about the NHS.

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