Results 2019

Everyone at Levenshulme High School is delighted by and incredibly proud of the GCSE results of the class of 2019. The results place us in joint 18th place out of 6502 schools nationally – an amazing achievement for the whole school community.

Once again we are incredibly proud of the results achieved by the class of 2019. This has been yet another record-breaking year and the outcomes stand as testimony to the hard work of our school community: parents, teachers, school leaders and, above all, our students themselves.

A huge congratulations to all!

Key Figures

  • 2019 Progress 8 score: +1.15 (well above average)
  • 2019 Attainment 8 score: 54.1
  • % strong pass (9-5) in English and maths: 55.8%
  • % standard pass (9-4) in English and maths: 72.9%
  • % Entered for EBacc: 68.8%
  • % achieving EBacc strong pass: 40.2%
  • % achieving EBacc standard pass: 54.7%
  • EBacc APS per pupil: 5.15

“These results set up our girls for the next stage of their lives. I am very proud of them and excited for their futures.”

Dr J. MacKinnon PhD (Academy Headteacher)

Our Attainment 8 score of 54.1 is excellent and recognises remarkable attainment across a range of subjects.

We are delighted to see another increase on last year’s percentage of students who have attained Grade 4 or above in both English and mathematics (formerly Grade C or above).

72.9% of the class of 2019 achieved this key outcome. This standard of excellence is continued with impressive attainment at the Grade 5 or above in English and mathematics with 55.8% achieving this measure.

We are all very proud of our longstanding and excellent record in the EBacc suite of subjects; the class of 2019 continues this outstanding record with 55% of the cohort attaining the required grades for this important performance indicator.

30% of the class of 2019 achieved 5 or more of the top grades (9-7) – this is a wonderful achievement of which we are all very proud.

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