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The Great Get Together

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Latest News | 0 comments

Inspired by the work of Jo Cox we held our very own Great Levy Get-Together on Friday 30th June. The pupils wanted to celebrate our school community and our great city.

Led by the Seacole house council and the Anti-Bullying and LGBT Ambassadors, all pupils took part in the preparation of the event by creating the most beautiful and thought-provoking sets of bunting which we used to decorate our outdoor dining area.

The event took the form of a community garden party. As pupils and staff enjoyed their picnic lunch, they were able to take part in a series of traditional games, such as horse-racing, chocolate tombola and Name-The Teddy. Of course no garden party or picnic is complete is complete without cake and the Year 10 ADT team worked like Trojans the day before to furnish us with over 500 cupcakes and flapjacks – a mighty achievement indeed!

We were delighted to welcome our guest of honour, newly-elected MP, Afzal Khan, who very kindly took time out his busy schedule to come and celebrate our fantastic community with us. He spoke at great length with various groups of pupils about his role as an MP and his desire to see them one day alongside him as colleagues at Westminster.