Student Senior Leadership Team

We are the Student Senior Leadership Team and we represent the student body. It’s our responsibility to ensure that school life centres around the wants and needs of us, the students.

Head Girl

Head Girl

The perfect student is not a person who is at the finish line, but it is the person that is willing to experience the journey in which they can progress and develop. It is the student that acknowledges their weaknesses and sets themselves goals so that they can improve.

Deputy Head Girl: Inside the Classroom

Deputy Head Girl: Inside the Classroom

We would like to help you set aspirations to work towards to allow you to take ownership of your learning and future. Our main focus this year is to encourage and promote positivity throughout the classroom so that you can take the most away from your lessons and enjoy learning even more.

Outside the Classroom

Deputy Head Girl: Outside the Classroom

We want to help you build your own road to success and happiness. The willingness to help yourself and others is the biggest step in the direction of a positive future.


Deputy Head Girl: Community

As a community, we want to create ways through which students can leave their mark in society, in order to create a difference and change people’s lives for the better.

Quality Marks, Awards & Affiliations

We strive for excellence and are very proud of our achievements and affiliations.

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