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Faculty Vision

Mathematics is a crucial part of everyday life and plays a vital role in many jobs. It is also essential to science, technology and engineering, and there is a huge demand for mathematical specialists. It is therefore fundamentally important to ensure that all pupils have the best possible mathematics education. They need to understand the mathematics they learn so they can be creative in solving problems, as well as being confident and fluent in developing and using the mathematical skills so valued in the world of industry and higher education.

As a faculty, we strive to create an atmosphere which stimulates a high level of curiosity about maths and encourages students.  We consistently share good practice to ensure that our students feel safe, supported and challenged in their learning.  We aim to equip our pupils with the skills and confidence to become active citizens.

Curriculum Overview:

Year 7 – 4 periods per week following a maths mastery course
Year 8 – 4 periods per week continuing a maths mastery course
Year 9 – 5 periods per week beginning to develop the knowledge and skills for the GCSE

GCSE Course:

GCSE Mathematics – Year 9/10/11

Alternative to GCSE

Entry level

Topics Covered:

(please note that the content covered may vary slightly from set to set according to ability and readiness for these topics)


Year 7

 In Year 7, pupils start a maths mastery course which involves them learning a focused part of the curriculum each half term in depth. Students are encouraged to consolidate and strengthen skills through a variety of different resources. Students are encouraged to stretch themselves and a high standard is expected at all times. Pupils are set according to their maths ability, and this setting is reviewed regularly.


Year 8

In Year 8, pupils build on the skills learnt in year 7.  Pupils are set according to their maths ability, and this setting is reviewed regularly.  They regularly are presented with problem solving questions to ready them for their GCSE course.


Year 9/10/11

We teach a three year GCSE course and pupils begin this in year 9.  They are tested regularly throughout using formal and informal testing methods to aid their readiness for the linear exams.  Students are given opportunities to expand and enhance their skills and apply these in a variety of contexts.

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