Students wearing safety equipment, ready for their tour of Longley Lane Recycling Centre in February 2023

Eco-Club Trip to Recycling Centre ( Published: 15/02/2023)

As part of the school’s eco-club activities, students visited Longley Lane Recycling Centre on Friday 3rd February 2023.

Students completed a workshop to investigate how waste can be separated and which specific items can be recycled in Greater Manchester. Our learners were surprised by the speed of our circular waste economy, for instance, a can of coke only takes 6 weeks from the time it is thrown into the bin before it reappears in shops. Students learned that non-recyclable items are incinerated in Runcorn.

Students then had a tour of the Material Recovery Facility. They learned about the economic value of waste and saw the recycling process in action. The education officer shared that the Longley Lane generates 20 tonnes of aluminium per day and receives £900 per tonne.

The trip was also an opportunity for students to learn about employment opportunities in the recycling industry, especially in the engineering sector.

Alison, The Education Officer at Longley Lane Recycling Centre, said that she:

Was very impressed with our students’ scientific knowledge and their polite conduct.

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