Your Child’s Attendance

High attendance is imperative to allow our students to achieve their full potential. Take a look at the tips on this page to help keep your daughter’s attendance at a high level.

Learn more about our expectation of your child’s attendance, the impact their attendance will have on their education and our commitment to supporting your child.

Top 10 Tips (to improve your child’s attendance)

  1. Start the day with enough time for your child to be ‘school ready’. Have breakfast, get dressed, and check they have everything in their school bag for the day ahead
  2. Be prepared the night before. Make time to pack school bags, organise packed lunches, have uniforms at the ready, set the alarm clock and of course get to bed early!
  3. Support your child’s learning by helping with homework, reading together, encouraging thoughts and questions about the world and world events to challenge their development
  4. Make learning fun, check out your local parks, museums, libraries and art galleries, all offer great low cost family days out
  5. Take an interest in your child’s school day. Ask about their favourite part of the day, their friends and encourage them to share something new they have learnt
  6. Support your child to realise the value of education and how it will help them in the future
  7. Good habits start early, having good attendance, being on time and organised is a fantastic lifetime value
  8. Build a good relationship with your child’s school. Attend school events and parents’ evenings. Talk to the class teacher; schools value parents that are actively involved in their child’s future
  9. Take your family holidays in school holiday time. Missing valuable learning time can have a big impact on your child’s education
  10. Avoid unnecessary absences such as keeping your child off school for minor illnesses or medical appointments. Keep your school informed and ask to have work set to catch up with anything missed

The tips on this page are courtesy of One Education, who’s attendance advisors work in partnership with us to help maintain high levels of attendance in our school.

There is a clear link between poor attendance at school and lower academic achievement.
One Education

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