As the English faculty, we strive to empower every learner to believe in their own ability with confidence and independence, as well as harbouring a love of learning.

Head of Faculty

Mrs D. Suthar (dsuthar@levenshulmehigh.co.uk)

We endeavour to stimulate a high level of curiosity within the subject which encourages pupils to feel enriched and driven to learn about the world around them – central to this is a love of reading. The ability to analyse as well as appreciate quality literature is at the heart of what we do. We also actively promote writing in its many forms, focusing on the fine details of its mechanics as well as the process as a creative outlet. Moreover, the faculty develops skills to be adaptable and persuasive communicators in our ever-changing world.

As English teachers, we model teamwork and mutual support of one another as well as encouraging creativity without a fear of risks. Furthermore, we celebrate the successes of our pupils in order to ensure they feel proud of their learning and motivated to explore a wide range of literature.

We want our pupils to learn to their potential and develop into strong, fearless young women with a tolerant and open-minded view of the world.

Curriculum Overview

  • Year 7 – 4 periods per week following the English Curriculum
  • Year 8 – 4 periods per week following the English Curriculum
  • Year 9 – 4 periods per week following the English Curriculum

GCSE Courses

  • GCSE English Language (AQA)
  • GCSE English Literature (AQA)

Topics Covered

Throughout year 7, 8 and 9, the pupils follow a curriculum which is deliberately designed to allow students to develop an understanding of English through time covering a range of fiction and non-fiction literature. Our curriculum exceeds expectations of the National Curriculum through the vast range of topics covered, which allow students across age and ability range to develop their skills in reading writing and communication.

Year 7

Pupils build on the knowledge and skills from KS2. The theme is ‘identity’ and the topics include: Poetry, Literary Canon, Events that Shaped the World, Novel/Play and Etymology.

Year 8

Pupils build on their knowledge and understanding from year 7. The theme is ‘developing a viewpoint’ and topics covered include: Literary Monsters, Travel/Exploration Writing, Modern Play, Protest Writing and Essay Writing Skills through Debate.

Year 9

Pupils continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of the skills and concepts learnt in year 8. The theme is ‘the wider world’ and the topics covered include: Shakespeare, Novel/Play, Poetry Anthology (Power and Conflict), News Literacy and Spoken Language.

Options offered at the end of Year 9

  • GCSE English Literature

    Exam Board: AQA
    No. of Exams: 2
    Paper 1: Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel 40%
    Paper 2: Modern Texts and Poetry 60%

    Units studied in Year 10
    Pupils will cover preparation for both English Language and English Literature exams. This will involve exploring a variety of modern and 19th century texts as well as the set texts for Literature (Macbeth, Jekyll and Hyde/Jane Eyre). We will also cover writing to describe and narrate as well as learning analytical and evaluative skills for reading.

    Units studied in Year 11
    Pupils will continue to prepare for both English Language and English Literature exams. This will involve reading a modern novel or play, exploring, analysing and comparing 15 poems from the AQA Anthology, and unseen poetry. We will also cover writing for a viewpoint as well as summary and comparison skills for reading.

Quality Marks, Awards & Affiliations

We strive for excellence and are very proud of our achievements and affiliations.

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